Coyotes dominate Agoura in homecoming game, 43-13

Despite the rain, the Calabasas Coyotes scored a 43-13 victory over Agoura at the homecoming game Friday night, without starting wide receiver Aaron Butler. 

Junior quarterback Alonzo Contreras and senior running back King Miller were two standout players throughout the game. Contreras was able to dominate through the air, posting 201 yards and three touchdowns and completing 11 of his 15 passes. 

Meanwhile, Miller was a problem for Agoura’s defense all night, rushing for 177 yards and scoring two touchdowns on only seven carries. 

Although Butler was out with a sprained toe, Contreras was still able to connect with receivers Jerry McGee, who scored three touchdowns for  90 yards, and Arion Lang, who caught three passes for 113 yards and two touchdowns.

“My wide receivers made it easy for me,” said Contreras. “There are always things you [would] change throughout the game, but we were still able to execute.” 

The Coyote defense also played well, allowing zero points and minimizing penalties in the first half. Luke Peffer was a standout player for the defense, finishing with eight total tackles and one interception. 

If there is ever a question about whether the Coyotes would still be able to dominate without Aaron Butler, it has been answered. The Coyotes have a bye week this week, and next week they will face off against the Crescenta Valley Falcons in an away game.