CHS re-introduces girls’ lacrosse

This year, CHS is offering girls’ lacrosse as a sport, renewing an attempt to begin the program in 2019 that was shut down by COVID. The team held its first informational meeting on Feb. 17, at which 45 girls showed interest.

Freshman Keira Richley was instrumental in starting the program. Richley has played lacrosse since fifth grade, and when she realized there was no girls’ team at CHS, she contacted Assistant Principal of Athletics Tyler Lee and began advertising the sport at RACI and the course fair. 

“I thought it would be good to bring [girls’ lacrosse] to the school and give people the opportunity they didn’t have,” said Richley.

Since the initial informational meeting, there have been nine new sign-ups. The team is not holding tryouts, so any female student can join without prior experience in the sport. Since the team’s formation has been very last-minute, this year will serve as a development year rather than a typical sports season.