China renews commitment to the Paris Agreement

Teal Hall - Staff Writer, '17

Ever since his presidential campaign, President Trump’s opinions on climate change have been very well-known: he does not believe it exists. Once he was inaugurated, many people took note of the sudden absence of any mention of climate change on the White House website. Trump signed an Executive Order of 2017 which prioritizes American jobs over the world’s increasing instability in nature. Recently, Trump has postponed making his decision regarding whether the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change. The Paris Agreement, which was agreed upon in 2015, deals with reducing greenhouse gases emissions and spans across several countries.

The agreement was a landmark in uniting several nations together for the common good of the people. Therefore, Trump’s disruption has ruffled many feathers, and several foreign advisors have stated that if the U.S. does pull out of the Paris agreement it would cost the country a lot. Whether this repercussion would happen via foreign relations or through the U.S. itself, it would nonetheless cultivate backlash. Yet, in the face of Trump’s indecisiveness, China has chosen to reaffirm their strong commitment to the Paris agreement.

“We still uphold that all sides should move with the times, grasp the opportunities, fulfill their promises and earnestly take proactive steps to jointly push the enforcement of this agreement,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Lu Kang. “No matter how other countries’ policies on climate change change, as a responsible large developing country, China’s resolve, aims and policy moves in dealing with climate change will not change.”

While this is important in regards to Trump’s decision, this is also important to China on a local level. China has historically been a country heavily plagued with some of the worst pollution statistics, causing heavy damage to the environment around itself. Due to this, the country has been efficiently working on systems and management that will help eliminate emissions that are dangerous to the world’s climate. Since the Paris Agreement was declared in 2015, the country has been working hard to uphold their own contribution and have made progress in their cities. Despite whether the Trump administration will hold up their end of the bargain, China and several other countries under the Paris Agreement will actively work toward repairing the damage climate change has done to the world.