Calabasas Businesses Barricade Storefronts

In response to riots and lootings in Los Angeles County, local businesses have barricaded their storefronts.

At Gelson’s in Calabasas, employees placed multiple rows of shopping carts against the inside of their store entrances in order to deter looters. Poalacheck’s Jewelers, Sephora, Feature and Le Pain Quotidien in The Commons at Calabasas took more extreme precautions yesterday afternoon, as construction workers boarded up the storefronts.

“Polacheck’s will be boarded up for the next week,” said Director, Fine Timepiece Division at Polacheck’s Jewelers Andrew Grisar. 

After hearing social media threats toward the City of Calabasas, the businesses decided that they were “better safe than sorry,” according to Grisar. Polacheck’s Jewelers is greatly striving to avoid property damage, after receiving word that looters recently drove a U-Haul truck through a Polacheck’s Jewelers storefront in another part of the country, according to Grisar. Although no riots have occurred in Calabasas as of now, local authorities are closely monitoring the situation.

“As a result of the Countywide curfew and situations impacting local communities, Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station will be significantly increasing the number of deputies protecting the community we police,” said Calabasas Mayor Alicia Weintraub.