CHS mock election matches national results

CHS held a mock election for the 2020 Presidential Election and CA Initiative Ballots and the students voted on what they wanted for the country and state with the majority of votes in favor of Vice President Joe Biden.

Every election year, CHS holds a mock election in which the students are able to vote via Google Form on the presidential candidates and the twelve California ballot initiatives. The results of the presidential 2020 CHS mock election ended up with 66% of votes for Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris, 23.6% for President Donald Trump and Vice President Michael Pence, and the remaining 10.4% of votes were for the third party candidates running in the 2020 election. These results are sent to the CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla, and Padilla takes the results of CHS, and other schools that have participated in the mock election process, and releases them on his database webpage.

“The most important aspect of the mock election is to get students informed,” said CHS AP Government teacher and Coordinator of the 2020 CHS mock election, Bradley Boelman. “With the internet, there is such an opportunity to get informed and that is how students are getting their information today and applying it to things like the mock election.”

Approximately 30% of the student body participated in the mock election with 545 responses on the Google Form, according to Boelman. The mock election serves as a platform for young students and future voters to get introduced to the process of voting and become familiar with what is really on the ballot.

“I do think it’s important that everyone participates and takes advantage of the mock election process,” said Boelman. “To hear [students] talk about policies and what’s going on today makes me really happy and I do think it’s very important for [students] to know.”