Measure S passes


Graph credits to LA Times

LVUSD special election Measure S for LVUSD schools was passed with 63% of votes in the Nov. 8 election. The measure will provide funding for all LVUSD schools, including addressing the HVAC issues in the CHS H-building.

In the weeks leading up to the election, teachers stood streetside by A.C. Stelle and CHS with “Yes on S” signs in an attempt to inform parents of the importance of the measure. Given the victory, standing in the rain was worth the effort.

“I think that the teachers in the H-building and other faculty members did a good job of trying to get the support out there,” said AP Seminar, AP Research and AP Government teacher Bradley Boelman. “The district is the one that put [Measure S] on the ballot, but as teachers, because we benefit so much from [Measure S], it is important that we showed our support. I think for us standing outside is about being a presence for the community to show that we’re coming [to CHS] before school, when we’re not getting paid, before our day starts, to show our support.”

The Measure S Project List outlines precisely what the money will be used for with each school. Besides improvements to the H-building, CHS will see new safety measures, including fire-protection equipment, security cameras, bleacher upgrades and boiler replacements. Funding will also go towards projects like EV-parking spaces, outdoor learning spaces and better Wi-Fi.