Water break causes temporary road closures


Around noon on Feb. 4, a large water break erupted from a water main at Parkway Calabasas and Park Entrada, stopping traffic for nearly three hours. 

According to Councilmember Alicia Weintraub, the fire department, deputies and the water district were contacted. 

“[The] LA County Fire is stating traffic can not get through due to the break,” said Weintraub on Facebook.“We will keep everyone posted on this moving situation.”

The water leak and subsequent road closures left many residents stuck in their neighborhoods or away from their homes.

“I live in a community where Parkway Calabasas is the only way to ascend and descend [to] my home,” said junior Mona Pirastehfar. “The water damage on the roads [blocked my extended family and I] from seeing each other when we had plans.” 

Around 2:30 p.m., Weintraub alerted the community that Parkway Calabasas had been cleared. The City of Calabasas communicated that Vista Pointe and Westridge would be without water for the next ten to twelve hours. Water service was fully restored as of the morning of Feb. 5, according to Las Virgenes MWD.