2016 CHS Film Festival awards

2016 CHS Film Festival awards

Congratulations to all Calabasas High students who participated in the 2016 CHS Film Festival!  Check out the winning videos below!

2016 12th Annual CHS Student Film Festival Trophy Awards

Best Cinematography=Jeff Tang for Crawl to the Monolith

Best Editing=Random Dochtermann & Ian Drescher for Foreign Policies

Best Screenplay=Daniel Glassman for Fading Giants

Best Actor=Daniel Glassman for Gwen

Best Actress=Emma Silver for Gwen

Best Director=Lily Ardalan for Gwen

Best Film-Alternative=it’s a tie=Producers Ross Kaveh, Caleb Dalton, Madison Carp & Brandon

Umansky for Gun Control: a Tale of Mayhem and Producers Daniel Glassman, Ben Glassman &

Matthew Rothschild for Fading Giants

Best Film-Experimental=it’s a tie=Producer Anna Sophia Moltke for All She Wanted and

Producer Daniel Glassman for Yearn

Best Film-Comedy=Producer Brandon Yoon for Gwen

Best Film-Drama=Producer Carly Berke for Cents

12th Annual CHS Student Film Festival May 13, 2016

1. Cents – Drama – https://vimeo.com/161240179

2. Gun Control: A Tale of Mayhem – Ross Kaveh – Alternative –


3. All She Wanted – Experimental – https://vimeo.com/160406776

4. Fading Giants: The Decline of the American Shopping Mall – Alternative –


5. Foreign Policies – Comedy –


6. Crawl to the Monolith – Alternative – https://vimeo.com/150820448

7. Yearn – Experimental – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LMwf2Oth_M

8. Gwen – Comedy – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFkCj4K9xtc