LVUSD introduces a new schedule

Students returned to campus on Monday, March 22 on a modified schedule that LVUSD released on March 5.

With this new schedule, AEW, ACS, LCMS, AHS and CHS are all following a cohort schedule. The student body of each school has been divided into three cohorts, which rotate for in-person education every four days. 

A school day will consist of two periods per day. The in-person cohort of the day will go to school in the morning from 8:30am-11:30am for their classes, and the virtual students will meet via Zoom from 12:30pm-3:30pm. 

“With this secondary schedule, students are coming to school to learn and go home,” said Principal Exner. “[School] will be different without students hanging out in the upper and lower quads and without everyone hanging out at lunch, but we are happy to finally get some kind of in-person education happening.”

To get an estimated number of returning students, ASB gave students a non-binding survey about whether they wanted to remain virtual or continue in-person. If students happen to change their minds, they are allowed to either switch to virtual classes or switch to in-person classes.

“There will be no difference in content instruction for virtual students from in-person students,” said CHS Principal Sara Exner. “Teachers need to be able to provide the same instruction to all cohorts, but the way they teach the content might be different.”

Prior to coming on campus, students must complete a COVID-19 Health Screening daily to check-in to school and ensure that they do not carry any COVID-19 symptoms. 

In addition to the new schedule, there will be new equipment around campus to make sure that students and teachers are staying clean and safe. According to, the district has utilized their state and federal grants to purchase $1.8 trillion of protective and cleaning equipment for the students, teachers and administrators on campus.