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Homecoming style quiz

Photo courtesy of Google Images

Photo courtesy of Google Images

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Are you having trouble finding the perfect dress for the homecoming dance on Nov. 8? Have no fear! The Courier‘s got you covered with this style quiz!

  1. For Homecoming, I want my look to be:

A) Simple and sweet

B) Modern and edgy

C) Different and unique


  1. Since the theme permits black and white clothing, the color I prefer to wear is:

A) White

B) Black

C) Why not both?


  1. I like to accessorize with _______

A) Elegant earrings

B) A cute bag

C) Anything that will make me stand out


  1. My favorite part of Homecoming is:

A) Getting ready!

B) Dancing with my friends!

C) Everyone knows its all about the party bus/after party!


  1. I want my makeup to be ________:

A) Natural

B) Bold

C) Bright and colorful


  1. My favorite material is _________:

A) Lace

B) Leather

C) Denim


  1. My favorite previous Homecoming theme was:

A) “Boardwalk”

B)   None, I think this years’ “Suit and Tie” the best!

C)   “Cloud Nine”


  1. One celebrity whose style I LOVE is ____:

A) Taylor Swift

B) Kylie Jenner

C) Katy Perry


  1. I hope the DJ at Homecoming will play ________:

A) “All About That Bass” – Meghan Trainor

B) “You and Me” – Flume

C) “Shake it Off” – Taylor Swift


  1. My favorite go-to hairstyle is ______:

A) A cute up-do

B) Sleek straight

C) Flirty curls






Mostly A’s: Simple yet chic

You are the type of girl who can’t go wrong with a simple look for Homecoming. Try and go with a classy dress like this one from Forever 21, which is simple yet effortlessly beautiful. A natural hairstyle of even an up-do would look perfect with this dress. Try and pair this up with a nude lip color and natural eyeshadow.









Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 9.40.20 PM


Mostly B’s: Bold beauty

You love keeping it simple but also adding an edgy flare. For Homecoming this year, try going with a bold black dress similar to the one pictured from Tobi. A dress like this is perfect for you because it is modern while still remaining chic. Accent this dress with a vibrant lip color or a sparkly eyeshadow.











Mostly C’s: Unique yet stylish

For you, Homecoming is a perfect opportunity to flaunt your over the top style. You love patterns, colors, and anything that will differentiate you from every other girl in the room. A dress like the one pictured from Tobi is a match made in heaven for you. Combining the two colors creates a unique vibe and definitely will

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