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What spooky spirit are you?

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1. Which colors do you prefer?

a. Anything dark.

b. Earth tones.

c. White, like a big, full moon.


2. It is Friday night. You are most likely:

a. Staying awake until Saturday.

b. Roaming around town.

c. Going on a night hike with friends.


3. Where are you going for lunch?

a. Eating? You do not enjoy food.

b. In-N-Out, or any other place you can find a juicy hamburger.

c.Gelson’s, looking for cheap snacks. You love ‘hunting’ for deals.


4. Your friends complain that:

a. You never laugh at their jokes.

b. You get distracted easily.

c. You are too loud.


5. For the next family vacation you suggest:

a. Italy; nothing beats the history and passion of Venice and Florence.

b. Canada; you just want miles and miles of land to roam.

c. Africa; what could be better than a safari with wild animals?


6. How will you spend Halloween?

a. You will pass out candy.

b. You will go trick-or-treating.

c. Halloween is overrated. You would rather have a quiet night.


7. How do you study?

a. You do not need to study, you get A’s without opening a book.

b. School is not exactly your forte.

c. You will study with friends, you work best in a group.


8. How do you solve fights with friends?

a. Cut them out of your life. You do not need them.

b. Apologize, but if they do not for give you, you do not really care.

c. You will find a way to make up.


9. Your favorite sci-fi show is

a. The Vampire Diaries.

b. The Walking Dead.

c. Teen Wolf.


10. Your favorite school subject is

a.History. You love the world’s story.

b. Art. You get to be so creative!

c. Environmental science. You wish more people cared about nature.


 Mostly A’s

Like a vampire, you stay up late and have no need for food or sleep for energy; you have enough on your own. Confident and quick on your feet, nobody messes with you!


 Mostly B’s

As a zombie, you take things slow and have a lot of patience. While you might be a little lazy, you are practical and mature, and should let people see those qualities more often!


Mostly C’s

As a werewolf, you appreciate the peace and quite of the outdoors but you also crave the security of strong friendships and, with your charismatic personality, you have a plethora of them!

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One Response to “What spooky spirit are you?”

  1. Ashley S. on October 20th, 2015 12:13 pm

    This quiz couldn’t be more accurate


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What spooky spirit are you?