That’s So Daria

That’s So Daria

On any given day, people can be found drowning in a sea of information. Sources such as Twitter, Instagram, television and other media outlets are always vying for our attention. From these informants we are cultured on love, compatibility and relationships. However, their philosophies are too often one-sided and skewed with invalid principles.

Anyone scrolling through their social media feed is bound to find dozens of posts regarding “perfect” relationships. And whether those posts are about partners who go to great lengths to please their loved one or things not to do in relationships, one cannot deny that they provoke a yearning for love. The truth of the matter is, however, they only create unrealistic expectations for those looking for companionship.

I know this because I recently just got out of a two-year relationship.

Coming from a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, I cannot deny that he was an amazing person who changed my life. Throughout the course of our time together, he inspired me to be a better person and ultimately became my best friend. Yet, ironically, love can provoke other unhealthy emotions that can be detrimental to a relationship. Despite our strong feelings for one another, we could not avoid the emotionally draining fights that romantic movies and social media always overlook. In the end, as much as we wanted our relationship to work, we could not reach a compromise with which we could both live.

Social media affects a person’s perception and definition of love. From my experiences, I have realized that we are all simply human beings with unique hopes, desires and dreams. However, love is a bittersweet emotion that can never be controlled. So the next time you find yourself wishing for an ideal partner, just remember that perfection does not exist. Relationships should be about both individuals working together to meet each other’s needs and mutual satisfaction. People should try and see past media-induced fantasies and strive to find the true meaning of love.