Varsity members of ComedySportz showcase their love for acting through improvisation


Lily Lester

Written by Noah Fortson – Staff Writer

As a third year varisity member and team manager of CHS’ ComedySportz team, senior Lily Lester is one of the most experienced improvisers. By emulating her comedic role model Maya Rudolph, Lester strives to incorporate her theatrical background with her adoration for comedy in order to perform her best on stage.

“Being constantly on your toes is crucial,” said Lester. “Knowing when to add to the scene and when to go along with someone else is one of the most important skills.”

In addition to ComedySportz, Lester is part of the acappella group Unstrumental, the advanced women’s choir Vivace, the theater program, the Theater Arts Club and was recently cast as the lead role, in the spring musical “Funny Girl.”

“The variety of shows that our school presents, is a true testament to how well-rounded the program is,” said Lester. “I feel so lucky to be a part of it.”

Lester is definitely assembling a résumé that will lead her to a prestigious career in entertainment. She hopes to pursue theater in the future and intends to use her comedic skills to her advantage.


Jared Menschel

Written by Hannah Lederman – Staff Writer

For some comedians, composing something witty to say while simultaneously trying to please the crowd is a challenging task. However, for junior Jared Menschel, this mission is effortless.

Although stepping onto the stage can be nerve-racking for some, Menschel’s background in drama prepares him for every experiences in ComedySportz.

“Making people laugh is one of the best feelings on earth,” said Menschel. “I would love to continue to do so everyday.”

Aside from performing in front of an audience, Menschel’s favorite aspect of ComedySportz is meeting, working and forming adhesive bonds with other team members involved in the program.

In the future, Menschel hopes to become a team manager. He wants to give others the opportunity of having the same direction and assertion he was given when he first joined the program. He intends to continue participating in ComedySportz throughout the rest of his high school career and maybe even in college. By putting himself out there and meeting new people, Menschel is able to let his true colors shine through. •


Amanda Rose

Written by Jordan Van Vranken – Staff Writer

As she stands on the stage of the Performing Arts Education Center, senior Amanda Rose prepares to take on any character the audience may throw at her. Rose, as a Varsity ComedySportz member, loves improvisation and has a talent for making people laugh.

“My favorite thing about improv is working off of other people,” said Rose. “Especially with friends, scenes can be really fun for the players, not just the audience.”

Joining ComedySportz has helped Rose come out of her shell. Having a team to support her makes Rose feel more comfortable in her skin and allows her to embrace her goofy personality.

“Being a part of the team has helped me with performing and stage fright,” said Rose. “I love improv and really clever puns.”

In addition to being in ComedySportz, Rose is also a member of Bare Rhythm and is a part of the Academy of Media and Entertainment.

Rose will be attending New York University in the fall, where she will be studying film and television. She hopes to have a career in the production industry while incorporating her passion for comedy.