“A very” Quick Thought


About three weeks ago The Bachelor, one of my favorite shows, premiered its latest season. For the past few seasons I have enjoyed this guilty pleasure of mine, but I cannot help but feel sorry for the men and women on this show who seem a bit pathetic due to their acceptance to date someone who is seeing many people at once. Only a few of the relationships created on the show have actually worked out and I have come to my own conclusions as to why this usually does not occur. Each week the bachelor or bachelorette takes their companion on an extravagant, fairytale-like date; this includes helicopter rides, private concerts, and even trips to foreign countries. In reality, people do not go on dates like this on a daily bases or sometimes ever. The couples get caught up in the magic and surprise of the events and although they may fall in love for all the right reasons, when they return home things dramatically change. After an engagement occurs, as shown on the finale of each season, the couple must part ways until after the show finishes airing. This rule is enacted so that paparazzi or anyone else interested cannot find out which “lucky” contestant was chosen. However, if they are truly in love, their time apart should not be able to hurt their relationship. Once the couple can eventually be together, they must come back for a reunion show where they rehash all the drama that happened throughout the season, putting an even larger strain on the duo’s relationship. Then they will inevitably sit through hours of the TV show as they watch the “love of their life” kiss dozens of other men or women. They must then face a reality check when they can finally be together. Alone. By themselves. No camera. The amazing dates and endless accepting of symbolic red roses come to an end leaving the newly engaged couple let down in disappointment. It is almost as if The Bachelor puts people together only to tear them apart in the end. This happens season after season, yet people continue to aspire to be on the show. I cannot understand how someone could want to do this to themselves or meet the potential “love of their life” through a source of entertainment designed to cause captivating drama in order to get viewers to tune in every week for upcoming episodes.