Candy Cane Lane is overhyped and overrated

Candy Cane Lane is overhyped and overrated

Lexi Bender- Staff Writer

Due to the lack of traditional seasons in Los Angeles, the holiday season is often indicated by the playing of Christmas songs and the switch from regular to holiday-themed Starbucks cups rather than chilly weather and snowfall. Although driving down Candy Cane Lane, a neighborhood filled with extravagantly decorated homes, is a popular tradition for many families in Los Angeles, it is an overhyped holiday activity. Staring in awe at the many extravagant lights and endless decorations sounds like quite the festivity, but Candy Cane Lane has evolved into a location with traffic resembling downtown LA, homes boasting the same decorations and commercialized vendors with no regard for personal space.

No matter the time of arrival, Candy Cane Lane is always overflowing with countless amount of people and cars. A trip to Candy Cane Lane usually entails more waiting in-line rather than actual sightseeing. The amazing views of all the homes are only admired by each car for a few minutes due to the insane amounts of traffic. This seemingly joyous car-ride, intended to be cherished with family and friends, is turned into a stressful and annoying journey. Entering and exiting the neighborhood along with everything that happens in between is truly not worth the extreme hassel.

Even more, after waiting for what feels like hours, many of the “best-decorated houses” are a let down. The most famous homes display the same decorations every year, and although tradition is important, viewing the same Charlie Brown’s Christmas cardboard cutouts can get a little boring.The thrill of seeing the most extravagant houses is stripped away when a person knows exactly what to expect. On top of a lack of change, people are putting less and less effort into their decorations. Candy Cane Lane used to completely decked out in lights and snowmen; every house flaunted their unique take on the holidays. Nowadays, the anticipation of seeing the most popular house ends is replaced with utter disappointment, knowing that these decorations were not worth the 40 minute wait.

In addition to the absence of the “wow” factor, Candy Cane Lane is ultimately being taken over by vendors. Selling toys and candy is a welcomed pastime, but the vendors in this neighborhood are so focused on advertising their products that they take ruin many families’ experiences. Rarely will a town gather so closely to create a free opportunity for friends and family to make lasting memories. This idea of a community coming together during the holidays to entertain others is tainted by vendors’ need to turn this holiday tradition into a money-making business.

Holiday fanatics will surely argue that Candy Cane Lane is a wonderful family tradition and great way to get in the holiday spirit, but the many downsides prove otherwise. Aside from Candy Cane Lane, there are many other ways to embrace the holiday season such as throwing a festive holiday party, decorating one’s house or watching a christmas movie.. The inflatable Santa Clauses and oversized Candy Canes lining the streets of Candy Cane Lane have truly become overrated. The holidays are one of the best and most cherished times of the year, and Candy Cane Lane no longer positively contributes to the holiday spirit and celebration.