Snapchat streaks have no value

Snapchat streaks have no value

Kaitlin Rasborn- Executive Editor, Ella Freeman- Photographer

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media outlets for millenials today, and one of its key features is known as a “Snapstreak.” A “Snapstreak,” more informally known as a “streak,” is created when two people send each other daily Snapchats. In order to form and keep the streak, both people have to send a Snapchat within 24 hours, and after four days, the fire emoji, along with the number of days the streak has existed, appears next to the person’s name. Everyday, the streak number increases by one as long as both people send a Snapchat. While this activity is seemingly light-hearted and fun, streaks should be terminated indefinitely because they replace old-fashioned, face-to-face conversation and cause unnecessary stress.

Most people view their streaks as an equivalent to daily conversation; however, sending a photo with the word “streak” across the top of it is hardly that. Snapchat originally created streaks to allow people an opportunity to build friendships with others in a relaxed setting. Rather than spark additional conversation though, streaks replace conversation altogether. A significant amount of Snapchat users have streaks with people they have not seen or spoken to in years; they continue to send these pointless images simply because they enjoy the idea of having an impressively large streak. Users should be taking advantage of Snapchat as a platform to reach out to their friends and strengthen their relationships, rather than sending meaningless photos to one another with the sole purpose of generating a streak.

Even more, once a streak is created, maintaining it can be a stressful task. People who have Snapchat streaks feel very passionate about growing them to excessive heights. With so much stress already piled high on people’s plates, additional anxiety caused by the idea of losing a streak is merely frivolous. Snapchat users should focus on conversing with their fellow users rather than burden themselves with the idea of sending a streak everyday. The app was created to radiate positivity and broaden friendships, but the onus falls on the user to carry out Snapchat’s original mission.

While many people find joy in furthering their streaks with their best friends as well as their acquaintance, streaks fail to add much value to lives of Snapchat users. As a result, the best solution to bringing back social interaction and limiting all-around stress is to avoid Snapchat streaks altogether.