The single life: embracing Valentine’s Day the right way, the single way


Madi Esmailbeigi - Staff Writer, Veronica Barsoomian - Photo Editor

Valentine’s Day is advertised as a holiday for couples to shower each other with chocolate and roses. This holiday is romanticized, but unfortunately, not everyone will receive a heartfelt note with a candlelit dinner. While this romantic celebration may anger those who do not have someone to spend the day with, there are many other worthwhile aspects of this holiday for single people A love-filled February 14 can still be enjoyable even if one is single, with the help of major amounts of candy, romantic comedies and possible gifts from best friends.
To begin, chocolate and other delicious candies will be available at almost every store throughout the month of February. Valentine’s Day candies are accessible anywhere from local Targets to delicious Godivas, so dig in! Ditch all those “healthy eating” New Year’s resolutions and inhale some chocolate covered strawberries and a box of Sweethearts. If enough are consumed, these delicacies can cure feelings of loneliness and heartbreak. These abundants amounts of candy will not be available again until Easter, so take advantage!
In addition, romantic comedies will be playing all day, every day, so use those empty hours to rewatch some classics like 13 Going On 30 and Love Actually. Not only are these movies uplifting, but they will aide the viewer in letting out their festering anti-romance emotions. If one does not like movies, television shows like That 70s Show and New Girl have Valentine’s themed episodes that heartwarming and funny.
Last but certainly not least, a best friends gift exchange, similar to the nature of “secret santa,” is bound to turn that frown upside down! The process of gift-giving serves as a distraction from the ever so lovey-dovey holiday that is quickly approaching. Spending the week picking out cute presents and receiving mystery Starbucks drinks from a secret bestie can be just as rewarding as spending the week with a significant other. The exchange allows the opportunity to show appreciation for true friendships just as one does for their partner on Valentine’s Day.
However, some people argue that only couples can truly enjoy all that Valentine’s Day has to offer. While there are definitely perks to being in a relationship on this day of love, being single is just as fun and fulfilling.
In the grand scheme of life, Valentine’s Day is merely one day out of 365. For some single people, seeing couples give and receive big teddy bears and heart-shaped balloons can be irritating, but these negative feelings will eventually pass. After all, Valentine’s Day should be anticipated and celebrated by everyone, regardless of relationship status. A box of chocolates is delicious no matter what, even if the sender just so happens to also be the receiver!