Senior Casey defies high school quarterback stereotype

Many people assume that the high school quarterback is the big man on campus. At Calabasas High School, senior and varsity starter, Jaden Casey, fills this role. Being the starting quarterback of a top tier program, Casey

is much more than just a student athlete.

People often associate negative jock stereotypes when describing high school quarterbacks, but this is far from the truth when describing Casey. Even though Casey has gained popularity among his peers from successfully leading the football team, he does not consider himself to be superior in any way.

“I call myself a leader because I am the quarterback, but I do not like to be treated differently,” said Casey. “I like to fit in, and be another teammate, as football is ultimately a team sport.”

Another common misconception about high school athletes is that they do not put effort into academics. However, this is not the case with Casey, who has received numerous scholarship offers from academically prestigious schools, such as Yale University. Although Casey verbally committed to Fresno State earlier this year, he reconsidered his multiple offers and has officially committed to the University of California, Berkeley.

“You have to have the grades, be a good player on the field and be a good person,” said Casey. “But, I definitely get away with certain things, being the quarterback.”

Being the quarterback allows Casey to maintain close relationships with teachers and grants the star athlete some leniency in his classes. Managing time is difficult for the starting quarterback and he appreciates being cut some slack. However, he holds himself at a high standard and is extremely grateful for everything he has.

Outside of football, Casey boasts a pretty normal social life. Like most teenagers, Casey enjoys going off-campus with his teammates during lunch. On the weekends, he spends most of his time with his family and hangs out with his closest friends. During his spare time, Casey watches game films or takes his dog for a walk.

With over 7,000 passing yards and more than 80 touchdowns in his high school career, his talent will be missed when he graduates. Casey looks forward to playing Division 1 football in college and hopes to make a bigger name for himself. As Casey’s time at Calabasas is coming to an end, he will leave a legacy as a true winner and an admirable teammate. Casey has been an excellent mentor to sophomore Dylan Gebbia, who looks to take over for Jaden and fill his older brother Tristan Gebbia’s shoes. •