Teachers host course information sessions

In preparation for the upcoming school year, CHS teachers were required to provide course information sessions for incoming students.

Course information sessions are now required by the counseling department and occurred in January and February rather than in April and May, according to CHS Vice Principal Sara Exner. In addition, the sessions were organized by placement level and included AP elective courses.

“Mrs. Exner and I worked together to ensure that counseling is responsible for course meetings so that students know that they can come to their counselors with any questions concerning the curriculum of any class they are looking into,” said CHS head counselor Emily Ritchey.

The meetings typically begin with a Powerpoint presentation or the distribution of pamphlets educating students on required summer homework, the amount of homework and classwork given throughout the year, the curriculum, student expectations and the differences between an Honors, AP and CP class, according to CHS head counselor Emily Ritchey. At the end of the meetings, teachers gave students time to ask additional questions.

“If [students] have any questions over the summer, [they can] feel free to find my email on the directory,” said CP English II, Honors English II, AP Seminar and AP Research teacher Kathleen Kreycik. “I am always here to answer [students’ or parents’ questions or address concerns.”

Counseling hopes that moving the meetings to an earlier date will give students months to think about, speak to their parents about and ultimately decide which classes they would like to take, according to CHS counselor Hazelle Cato. By implementing these sessions, counseling hopes to eliminate any last-minute schedule changes.

“Even though students have a deadline for turning in course request forms, they are free to change their minds,” said CHS counselor David Rivas.

“Students should be aware, though, that switching classes at RACI for next year will be more difficult due to budget cuts. Less class periods will be offered for particular courses, and class sizes will be larger.”