Students pre-register and register to vote for MYC Cup vs. Viewpoint

CHS won the first annual “MYC Cup,” a virtual competition between CHS and Viewpoint designed to boost student involvement in civic affairs.

Students from the Mayor’s Youth Council of Calabasas sponsored the event, along with CHS’s ASB. The MYC and ASB aimed to increase the number of young voters at both Viewpoint and CHS and to encourage involvement in elections at a young age.

“It’s really important to let your voice be heard and no matter what you think, or what your political opinions are,” said ASB Treasurer and Vice Chair in the MYC Katie Pool. “This competition encourages kids to use their voice and become involved in our country’s matters.”

According to the Mayor’s Youth Council and ASB, the competition is meant to encourage students to participate and form a desire to vote. Many students that are 18 or younger have participated in the competition and done their part to make sure that their school wins. 

“I am not 18 so I legally can’t vote yet, so I thought pre registering was the best way to get myself prepared to vote in two years,” said CHS junior Anika Kolanu. “Also, this is the first year that Calabsas is holding the MYC Cup VS. Viewpoint, and I wanted our school to win so that we can get the trophy and have a larger amount of pre-registered and registered voters at our school.” 

Even though students under 18 cannot register to vote, teens ages 16-17 can pre-register to still be involved in their school and country. Pre-registering and registering to vote gives students the opportunity to associate themselves with future elections while winning a trophy for their school, as well. The outcome of the competition was that Calabasas High School won with roughly 5% of the school registered and pre-registered to vote. 

“Even though 5% is not a great amount of students at the school, we are glad that it made a difference,” said CHS senior and Chair of the MYC Adam Jaysen. “This was our first year doing this competition and it is a start for students to have a voice in their future.” 

To pre register or register to vote visit