A guide to the perfect “Friendsgiving”


 A popular Thanksgiving tradition over the past few years is creating a “Friendsgiving,” which is when a group of friends get together for another Thanksgiving meal to celebrate their gratefulness for one another. Even though COVID restrictions have made us restrain from large gatherings, celebrating Friendsgiving outdoors with a tight-knit group of people is a very reasonable alternative this year. 

Traditional Thanksgiving foods include turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing, but there are no rules to Friendsgiving. This lunch or dinner can contain anything that has a special meaning or a common liking to the group. Ranging from take-out from a favorite restaurant, a pot-luck, or a meal prepared by the entire group, every option is perfect in its own way. Creating a signature fall drink, or a common treasured drink of the friend group is an amazing way to start the celebration before the main meal.   Along with the delicious foods, there is no better way to end the night than a table filled with delicious desserts! All guests should bring a different dessert to ensure a variety for everyone to choose what type of sweet to eat. However, pumpkin pie is always a staple to end the Friendsgiving course.  

A Friendsgiving edible craft is decorating fall-themed sugar cookies. The cookies are an amazing way to get creative with friends, and can even be eaten for dessert. In addition, setting the mood is integral to a successful Friendsgiving party. Create a playlist with songs from the groups favorite artists, and maybe even throw in some holiday songs to bring in the spirit. A fall scented candle will also add to create a festive aroma in the air. 

The most important part of a Friendsgiving is sharing quality time, great conversations and laughter with the people that are loved the most. Friendsgiving is an amazing way to show friends how loved and thanked they are.