New CHS sports coaches at a disadvantage with the new season

Due to COVID-19, the fall 2020 sports season has been delayed, putting a burden on new CHS sports coaches. 

Swim, a sport that usually works close together, is dealing with having to move kids between pods. According to the swim coach, Chris Burke, there are ten athletes to one coach. Since the team is made up of 40 athletes, they have to conduct practices with four different pods. Burke has decided to have half of the kids do dry land exercises, while the other half performs exercises in the pool.

  “[We are] balancing two social distanced groups, one that’s doing heavy grinding yardage, and another that’s doing more body work,” said Burke while discussing how to balance the players’ workouts.

New Boys Soccer coach, Evan Reifsynder, is also dealing with these tough new circumstances. With the fall sports season being pushed back to March, future seasons are unpredictable. Reifsnyder is worried that even though the athletes on the team are mature when it comes to social distancing on the field, the only problem he faces is keeping kids apart during the breaks.

“The season coming up is hard to say,” said Reifsnyder. “I don’t think you can say for certain that the season is going to be on. Covid precautions will carry onto the season regardless of whether it’s cancelled or not.” 

A major predicament this season is how many athletes can fit at the games. In order to prevent the athletes from getting COVID-19, Reifsnyder thinks that they will need to create a travel roster to make space at the games.

“The biggest change this season is having a lot more autonomy in terms of having full control of the program” said Reifsnyder.

Both coaches continue to workout their athletes as they wait to hear when their season will begin.