ASB President Sam Ende and ASB Vice President Olivia Goldberg make their debut for the 2020 school year


With the summer on the horizon and the class of 2019 preparing to graduate, the students, teachers and administration that make up CHS begin to plan for next year. Among these preparations were the ASB elections, which took place on April 24th. The elections named the new executive board, as well as the class officers for each grade. Amidst the winners were Sam Ende, the new ASB President, and Olivia Goldberg, the new ASB Vice President.
Ende and Goldberg have both experienced the leadership of past ASB Presidents and ASB Vice Presidents, and have strategized to make the upcoming 2019-2020 year great. There will be a few shifts in ASB’s traditional structure, as English II Honors and AP Art History teacher Kelly Ortiz will take over as advisor, and there will be less comissionerships.
“There’s definitely going to be a smaller number of people in the incoming ASB class” said Goldberg. “Next year, everyone is going to have to work twice as hard to keep the school running as smoothly as it does now.”
Both Ende and Goldberg wish to keep the collaborative nature of ASB alive while aiming for a task-oriented class. Their common goal is to select applicants who are prepared to put the students first and hold events which truly encompass the spirit of CHS. By choosing students who can work together, they will form a class of motivated and collaborative members of the student body.
“My favorite part of ASB is being able to work with equally driven people to create amazing projects,” said Ende. “Despite the smaller number of students, our goal is to maximize productivity by ensuring that the best candidates are chosen to be a part of the ASB class next year.”
From their shared past experience as class officers, the pair is more than qualified to lead the student body into a successful year. Ende reviews his experience this year as Junior Class President as he finishes setting up the class of 2020 for an unforgettable senior year. Ende as well as the current Junior Class Officers look back on the many fundraisers and events which have helped make an amazing Prom a reality.
“I am happy to announce that the location for Prom has been booked,” said Ende. “I’m so excited for next year’s senior officers, Sarah Turobiner, Jack Hand and Raya Hoffman to take over!”