CHS Dance Program continues through helpful fundraisers


Ellina Ivanova, Staff Writer

Due to a decline in fundraising as a result of distance learning, the CHS dance program has found itself deeply in need of financial support, needing money for costumes, choreographers, competitions and more. 

“In the spring, due to school closures, we were not able to hold our annual Spring Dance Concert, which is a showcase of our hard work throughout the year as well as one of our biggest fundraisers,” said, Kristen Furino, CHS Dance’s head coach.

At the beginning of the school year, the dance team started in-person practice in small pods. Dance 3 meets up occasionally in small groups by grade to film pep rally dances, meanwhile Dance 2 is still staying fully virtual.. However, Furino created a virtual fundraiser that would help the team raise money to continue practicing and performing.. 

“The purpose of our fundraiser is to replenish lost funds from the spring and fall semesters and raise money so we can continue to run a quality program,” said Furino.  “If we continue virtually, there will also be a large cost involved in putting on a virtual concert.”

There are approximately forty dancers in each of the Dance 1, Dance 2 and Dance 3 levels, and twenty-one students on the Dance Team. Each student provided emails to Snap Raise, a website that offers groups and teams the ability to raise money and reach out to potential supporters to donate. This collaboration enabled the CHS Dance Program to spread awareness of their financial disadvantage. 

“We put together a video to show everyone what our program is about [to encourage]  family and friends to donate,” said a junior Dance Team member, Amber Preston.

In less than a month, the CHS dance program successfully encouraged more people to donate than they ever have.

“So far we have raised $35,719, out of our $36,000 group goal on Snap Raise,” said Dance 3 member Natalie Golds. 

Even though the dancers cannot continue practices as they would during an in-person school year, the dance program’s funds that they raised this year is helping to keep them stable moving forward.