What Sweater Are You?


Photo courtesy of Google Images

Daria Gershkovitch - Staff Writer

What sweater are you?

Fall is the time for trying Starbucks’ annual Pumpkin Spice Latte and buying Bath and Bodyworks’ new, seasonal candles. Most importantly, Fall marks the beginning of autumn fashion trends. With all the latest upcoming styles, allow The Courier to help you find your perfect sweater for this season!

1. Brrr, it is chilly outside! You slip on your sweater, favorite jeans and what shoes? 

A. The newest pair of Steven Madden boots. What more could anyone need?

B. UGGS accompanied with a pair of fuzzy socks.

C. A classic pair of Doc Martens.


2. What is your favorite Fall activity?

A. Jumping in a big pile of raked leaves!

B. Reading Seventeen Magazine’s latest Fall edition.

C. Finding the tastiest recipe for tofu turkey to make just in time for Thanksgiving!


3. What is your favorite genre of music?

A. Anything on the radio that inspires me to dance.

B. Rock and Roll baby!

C. Every band from Coachella. I go to CHS so that should be obvious.


4. What is your favorite beverage? 

A. The Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino topped off with extra whipped cream!

B. Water. We are both plain and simple.

C. Green tea in a reusable thermos. Save the planet!


5. Time to shop till you drop! Where is the first store you go? 

A. Brandy Melville, no doubt.

B. American Apparel. I love looking cozy and cute.

C. Urban Outfitters. I am too hip to quit.


If you chose mostly A’s your sweater is… a cashmere cardigan: You are always on top of everything when fashion comes into play. Your friends rely on you for updates on the latest seasonal trends. You can take any basic piece of clothing and give it your own personal twist. You are definitely a trendsetter.

If you chose mostly B’s your sweater is… a hoodie: This is the perfect sweater to pair with your vibrant Lululemon leggings. Show off your laid-back personality by dressing comfortably with style. You know the secret to being fabulous is not trying too hard.

If you chose mostly C’s your sweater is… a turtleneck: You are a sophisticated, creative and independent thinker. You like to follow your own path and never cave in to any of the mainstream trends. You are an ideal example of someone who dares to be different!