Meet the Murder Mystery Night creative team

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An interview with the creative team of Murder Mystery Night 2013 reveals their thoughts on the show.

“Murder Mystery Night is such a unique experience because the actors and creative team get to take a brand new script that has never been produced before and mold it into the story that they envision themselves, something that many actors and directors only dream of,” said senior producer Jordan Kaiser. “The characters are bold, the script is hilarious and the audience is sure to be on the edge of their seats the whole show, whether it is caused by laughter or suspense.”

“I am honored to be working with such a talented pool of people,” said senior director Hannah Tamkin. “Although we have only had a few rehearsals, I am very pleased with the turnout and I am confident that this show will fulfill Jake Bender’s vision.”

“It is definitely surreal to see this [story] I wrote come to life,” said senior scriptwriter and Courier staff member Jake Bender. “I am having a lot of fun with it too, and people seem to love it, which is cool.”


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