Jonathan Gans: Kevin Cordasco Good Deed of the Month

Jonathan Gans: Kevin Cordasco Good Deed of the Month

Cydney Hayes-Opinion Editor

Part-time jobs provide some high school students with a bit of money in their pockets and another appointment in their busy calendars.   However, other students make these after-school activities exponentially more meaningful.  Senior Jonathan Gans takes his tutoring business Grades and Giving to the next level of community service by donating 100 percent of the proceeds to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for cancer research.

Building a charity organization from the ground up is not an easy endeavor, but the experience is certainly rewarding.  While Gans is aware of the collegiate recognition Grades and Giving can render, he has more personal motivations that inspire him to continue volunteering.

“Kevin Cordasco really motivated me to start [Grades and Giving],” said Gans.  “Just watching his amazing strength and courage and feeling how tragic the loss was made me want to give back and improve the lives of people like Kevin.”

Gans is a rare example of a truly selfless and thoughtful individual willing to put the needs of others before his own.  On behalf of us all at The Courier, thank you, Jonathan.