Young author Amber Sher works diligently on her first novel


Chelsea Argue - Photographer

Daria Gershkovitch - Staff Writer


Sophomore Amber Sher never could have imagined her creative short story would evolve into a novel.  With the help of several CHS English teachers and an anonymous muse, Sher will soon be able to share her creativity with the world.

“My 10th grade English teacher Mrs. Kreycik has helped me mold my imaginative thoughts into the boundaries of structure,” said Sher.  “I have been very fortunate with my writing, and I am so thankful for everyone who has knowingly and unknowingly helped [with the book].”

Whether Sher is going through a hard time or simply feeling inspired, writing is her primary outlet.  As her novel has grown, Sher has come to love all her characters and has learned quite a lot from them.  Each individual character in the book has helped Sher realize how fortunate her life can be.  No matter what issues Sher faces in her life, her characters are always there to remind her of the great fortunes in her life.

“When one creates a travesty and describes that travesty he or she comes to realize, ‘Hey I’m still alive, I should be grateful,’” said Sher.

Even though Sher’s work of fiction has not yet found a publisher, she still stays optimistic.  Throughout Sher’s entire writing process she has learned to never stop trying and always be open to both compliments and constructive criticism.

“Writers come in all different forms and manifest throughout the stages of life,” said Sher.  “If you think your book is taking too long, you are only at the beginning of something amazing.”


The Rare

“The fate of good and evil lies in these seven people. Which side will they choose?”

      Ever since the Earth was first created, Heaven and Hell have been engaged in a never-ending battle for power.  Once a person passes on, he or she becomes an angel or a werewolf depending on which side he or she has chosen and other factors.  This is the story of the last group of special humans to live on Earth.  Life after death for these unique humans becomes exceptionally different because they develop remarkable strength.  These rare commodities are valuable weapons for both Heaven and Hell, but if one were to pick the wrong side, the fate of the innocent humans still inhabiting Earth would be in jeopardy.  Jove, born and raised in a well-off family from Southern California, has never lived an easy life.  Death, schizophrenic-like voices and traumatic experiences try to push the growing young adult’s heart toward the Devil’s greedy claws.  Yet no matter what terrors Jove faces, she always jumps back on her feet and continues to live her life.  Each day, Jove’s connection with God becomes stronger, which only intensifies her unique abilities to be used in battle one day.  Jove’s best friend and insightful counselor, Chrys, also shares the same special abilities.  Because of Chrys’ strong friendship with Jove, she becomes the perfect target for evil.  The Devil manipulates Chrys’ life with false hope and lies in order to change her heart.  With the weight of the world on Jove and Chrys’ shoulders, will they rise to the occasion or will their efforts go straight to Hell?