Sweet! Candy Store fulfills childhood dreams


A common childhood dream is to step into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory where children can experience and eat any chocolate imaginable. This chocolate galore is closer than one may think. Located in Hollywood, Sweet! Candy Store is filled with immaculate displays and mouth watering treats that entertain customers for hours. Possibly the largest candy store in Los Angeles, Sweet! is divided into nearly 30 different “boutiques” with different themes throughout the store. Each section is unique in its own way including completely different candy types and choices. The Yucky section, contains everything from worms and crickets to candy displayed on toilets. Rupaul, another boutique in the store, is named after the American actor, model and drag queen, Rupaul Andre Charles, and includes exclusive chocolate bars and showcases drag queen merchandise. The Tinseltown area is comprised of everything imaginable from old Hollywood to new Hollywood. American vintage candies can be found in the Route 66 section.

“All of the sections were so awesome,” said freshman Liv Dufine. “I remember running from one section to another when I stepped on something that made a crunching noise. I looked down and they have a chocolate bar resembling a doormat that makes crunching sounds when you step on it.”

Sweet! also offers a Chocolate Lab where guests fill out a form to customize their own chocolate bar. Customers choose their own add ins and fillings of which may include cream, jam, caramel or marshmallow. The next step is to choose three “inclusions” which are anything you could possibly think of adding to your chocolate and more. With over 50 choices, customers must contemplate over the array of candy, chips, cereal, bacon and more to choose from. Festive wrapping is always an option to add more creativity and fun to the package. After just 20 minutes, the desired chocolate bar is made.

The most popular chocolate bars are the Rupauls. One is milk chocolate with peanut butter and sea salt, while the other is dark chocolate with nutella, almonds and cinnamon.

“Personally, I love to build my own chocolate bar, ” said Sweet! employee Jonathan Clough. “My favorite ingredients are milk chocolate with pistachios, coconut and caramel. The textures are perfect together and each add a bit of sweet, salt, silk and crunch to the bar.”

Another popular boutique is the Sticky Boutique where all traditional hard candies and lollipops are made. Sticky also contains a section that customizes sweets to customers’ specifications. Whether it be a name, logo or message, Sweet! is able to put anything on customer’s candy.

Unlike other candy stores, customers are able to watch workers make the candy sold at Sweet! in front of their very own eyes. Not only does the store contain the candy found in an ordinary candy shop, but also tons of candy that is delicious and unique to Sweet! itself. Customers come from all directions to experience the sweet treats found at Sweet! Candy Store.

6801 Hollywood Boulevard Suite 201 Hollywood, CA 90028