Left versus right: students voice their senior lot preferences


There is unrest in the senior lot. Several hundreds of vehicles have declared their intentions to leave campus for lunch. This separatist movement has made it difficult for the limited number to escape in a timely manner and maintain peace and order in the galaxy. Which side will prevail? Will anyone survive?

Left Side

Chris Gillhaus – Staff Writer

It is 8:30 a.m. and the bell is about to ring. Which is the better place to park: behind the PAEC in a distant corner of campus, or right next to a picturesque trail that directly leads one onto campus? By 3:10 p.m., the senior lot is a zoo, and students question-did they make the correct parking decision? On the right side, while three unorganized lines of expensive cars cutting each other off just to get one car ahead, the left is full of calm drivers falling into line in an organized fashion. Full of patient and kindhearted students, the left side keeps its drivers safer and happier.

While the right side normally takes between ten to twenty minutes to navigate through, the left side cuts that time down in half due to shorter lines and civil drivers. Furthermore, consider the benefits of parking in close proximity to the math and science buildings, which many CHS students often occupy during first and sixth period.

“I actually do get math withdrawals, so parking on the left side of the lot allows me to get back to Dr. Raleigh’s room faster,” said Junior Brandon Benudiz.

In addition, the left side is the more relaxed side. The right side is a mess of angry drivers attempting to cut each other off, while the left side is an organized haven in comparison. If a person is cut off by a car just trying to get ahead of them, this car is likely coming from the right side.

Left versus right. Calm, patient drivers versus obnoxiously flashy vehicles trying to cut each other off. Close proximity to everyone’s favorite classes versus a far corner of campus. The decision is as easy as finding parking after lunch.


Right Side

Ashley Rubens – Staff Writer

The senior parking lot is often a chaotic place for seniors at school, almost always crowded with defensive teenage drivers. However, the decision of which side to park is as easy as finding Valmar parking after lunch. Parking on the right side comes with many perks and can be very advantageous because of the architectural views and added efficiency.

Some of the benefits of parking on the right side include the better views, such as those of the beautiful tennis courts and picturesque theater. These views make the walk to school from the parking lot extremely enjoyable, if not exciting. More importantly, the right parking lot is more efficient. There is less of an uphill trek and the H-building and PAEC are more accessible, which makes it easier to dash to one’s first period if running late. The right side also offers a variety of parking options, both in location and accessibility to back into parking spots, which helps alleviate the stress of leaving school.

“It is a war trying to make it out of the parking lot,” said senior Bjorn Yearwood. Despite a common misconception that the people who park on the left side of the parking lot are known to be friendlier, Left-Side Parkers are typically seen pushing each other while walking up and down the unkempt and littered trail.

In conclusion, the right side is a great place to park. The right side has far superior scenery of the campus and shortens the walk time from the parking lot. Overall, parking there will help you arrive to school early leading to a happier and more efficient day. The decision is simple; when in doubt, right can never be wrong.