Pro: Should parents use Life360 to track their kids?

In a time where parents need to worry about their children being victims of school shootings, kidnapping, abuse, or worse, Life360 is not simply useful, it is necessary. When unexpected problems arise, teenagers are bound to panic and make decisions that can be detrimental. Life360 can solve these problems by allowing parents to supervise them. Life360 clues parents in on the type of activities their children are engaging in and keeps them safe.

Life360 allows parents to monitor where their children are, therefore they have the ability to oversee their children’s actions as well. Being observed by parents may prevent some teenagers from making decisions that could harm them down the road. Having parents supervise their kids creates a safer environment and encourages communication.

Life360 can pinpoint a child’s exact location. Parents and emergency services can use this if they are in danger. If phone lines and other communication systems do not work, parents can send messages to their kids through Life360. In addition, during an emergency, the child can also click a button that will send a notification via text, email, and voice mail to all of their emergency contacts. The message will include the child’s exact location. These features could save a child’s life.

Some might argue that constant communication between parents and their kids is unhealthy and unnatural, unfortunately because of the dangers that exist today, Life360 has become the best tool to keep kids safe. Because almost every teenager owns an iPhone, parents have no other choice than to use Life360. Texting and calling can only go so far when teens might be dishonest about their true location or not respond to their parents at all. Life360 guarantees that a parent can locate their child if something goes wrong. If Life360 existed years ago, many disasters could have been prevented.

Life360 lets parents take the extra mile to ensure that their child is safe. Some parents are afraid that by downloading Life360, they will take away their child’s privacy and sense of independence. In reality, Life360 does not completely invade teens’ privacy because the app does not have audio or video monitoring. Children still have the freedom to make their own decisions, only now parents have easier access to observe them.

Driving is one of the first major steps teens take into becoming fully independent and Life360 makes the process even safer. The app allows parents to track their child’s phone use while driving and view their overall speed. Using Life360, parents can discipline their children if they practice unsafe driving habits while their parents are not there. Life360 ultimately motivates teens to practice driving safely. Learning to exercise a sense of maturity on the road is essential to decreasing the rate of teenage motor vehicle deaths and accidents.

As a child grows up and becomes a teenager, they gain a new sense of independence that enables them to make decisions that ultimately may be unsafe. To ensure that the mistakes teenagers make are not detrimental to their future, they need guidance, specifically from their parents. Overall, Life360 is the perfect app for parents because it helps them guide their children and make sure that they are out of harm’s way.