CHS Theater Program launches new fundraising campaign

CHS Theater Program launches new fundraising campaign

On Sept. 15, the CHS Theater Program launched an innovative crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo entitled “Theater Changes Lives.” The campaign’s ultimate goal is to raise $100,000. Because the program only receives 11 percent of its funding from the district, it is dependent on outside donations.

“Our after school program is self-funded, and so ticket sales cover about a little over 40% of our total costs,” said Theater I, II and III teacher Bill Garrett, who has been teaching Theater at CHS for 16 years. “In order to keep our ticket prices at an accessible price, the rest of our budget must be filled in by donations.”

CHS Theater students have also expressed the necessity of the campaign. Theater Arts Club President senior Camden Garcia believes that the CHS Theater Program does not only benefit the students, but also the community.

“The arts are so vital and highly beneficial to a community so it is very gratifying to see all of Calabasas reaching out to help,” said Garcia.

The “Theater Changes Lives” slogan advertises the positive impacts that the CHS Theater Program has had on its young actors and actresses, ranging from the friendships they have made to how they have grown as people.

“Through the CHS Theater Program, students have the ability to express sides of themselves that would normally not be excepted in less encouraging environments,” said senior Wylie Anderson.

The campaign will also allow the program to provide student scholarships and increase the amount of opportunities given to CHS Theater students in order to help them pursue their craft.  Go to to donate or learn more.