Calabasas High School

A few ideas to help you ask your special someone to the Vice Versa dance

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Sitting at home on a Friday night, daydreaming about your crush’s dreamy, blue eyes and luscious, brown locks, is not longer deemed acceptable. Instead, gather up the courage to ask him to our school’s annual Vice Versa Dance! Here are a few cute idea’s that although may be cliché, are sure to be winners.

    1. Try going for a tricky and cunning way to ask you boyfriend by following these steps.
    2. Steal your boyfriend’s phone
    3. Change your contact to “Vice?”
    4. Call him and tell him to turn around
    5. Stand behind him with a bouquet of roses.

This next  idea might take some time and effort, but the end result will definitely be worth it. Here’s some guidelines to help you through the process.

    1. Make a Starbucks run with your long-time crush (a good excuse would be ask him to study with you)
    2. Talk to the employees before hand about having them prepare his usual caramel Frappucino, with a Frappucino.
    3. Instead of his name, have them write out “Vice?” on his cup
    4. Be prepared for a huge bear hug because he’ll be shocked by the creative way you asked him.

You can also slip a note in his locker, write out “Vice?” in M & Ms or his other favorite candy, order a fortune cookie with a fortune saying “Vice?”, or even write out “Vice?” on his sports equipment.

If after reading this you decide that a date is not the way to go, don’t worry! A friend or a group of friends will definitely ensure a fun-filled night.
Whether you ask your boyfriend, your friend, or your crush, use your imagination to make sure he’ll be falling head over heels for you.

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Calabasas High School
A few ideas to help you ask your special someone to the Vice Versa dance