Sophomore Julia Feldman creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and clothing


With delicacy and precision, sophomore Julia Feldman combines feathers, chains and turquoise stones to create the ideal jewelry piece.  Also delving into the clothing realm, she strives to incorporate her own eclectic style into her pieces.  Using different types of tools, Feldman creates her jewelry by molding silver into shapes and combines her creations in order to form a cohesive ensemble.

At the age of 9, Feldman admired the innovative designers on the show Project Runway and began making jewelry and designing clothing.  In the past she has designed shirts, skirts, pants and dresses.  While she takes a more spontaneous approach to jewelry-making, Feldman derives inspiration for her clothing primarily from architecture.

“Sometimes I see designs of tiles or windows on a building or arches in a hallway, and I transform what I see into my designs,” said Feldman.  “When designing clothes, I need something to spark my creation. When making jewelry, however, I mostly never have a design in mind beforehand; I make the decisions as I go.”

The price of Feldman’s jewelry ranges from $5 to $15, depending on the piece and types of stones and crystals.

“Making jewelry is a tedious process; you have to manipulate really thin wire and attach it to tiny rings, making sure that it doesn’t get a bend in it,” said Feldman.  “I think the fact that my jewelry is all handmade with quality materials makes it unique.  I have sensitive skin, so I pride myself in only using sterling silver for my jewelry.”

 As for her clothing, Feldman loves vintage pieces and describes her personal style as bohemian with an edge, which she conveys in her work.  The designer has developed a line of clothing inspired by the ribs and torso of a human. She molds fabric into designs and textures to create unique pieces of wearable art.  Currently, Feldman is working on designs for denim shorts for the summer.

“I hope to keep creating clothing and jewelry,” said Feldman.  “It brings me joy to see that other people like my designs and jewelry, and it makes me happy to make something beautiful out of nothing.”

Feldman hopes to major in business and minor in design and merchandising.  She anticipates that a background in business will help her build her own lines and company.