Meet sophomore actor Camden Garcia


The rich velvet curtains of the Pantages Theater in Hollywood have closed numerous times over the years, ending shows and closing the cast off from the stage. However, during a performance of The Lion King one night back in 2003, the music and magic never ceased to fade away inside of one boy’s mind. As the lights flickered back on inside of the theater, 6-year-old Camden Garcia gazed upon the empty stage with awe, hardly believing the incredible performance he just witnessed. Fast forward 10 years, Garcia is now a sophomore at CHS who has taken to the stage and camera himself.

After Garcia fell in love with the movie The Lion King, he began to perform theatrically. Singing, acting and dancing his way through his childhood, Garcia blossomed in to a young actor with a strong passion and determination to succeed. While some people may be camera-shy or embarrassed to stand in front of a vast audience, Garcia’s extrovert personality allows him to feel comfortable in these situations.

“I love the attention [I get on the stage],” said Garcia. “It is fun making people laugh.”

Although Garcia loves the performing live, he branched out to television in middle school. In 2012 he landed his first major role on the show Raising Hope. He played a bully, one of the first antagonists on the show.  He also appeared on two episodes titled “Yo Zappa Do Part 1” and “Yo Zappa Do Part 2,” which aired in Jan. Working on a professional show was an exhilarating experience for Garcia.

“[Acting as a bully was fun because] villains are one of my favorite characters to play,” said Garcia. “Everyone is so crazy. My character had a pet chimpanzee, so I got to hang out with monkeys and do other crazy, fun things.”

Upon coming to CHS earlier this year, Garcia has made himself feel at home in the theater program. Garcia is currently working on A Midsummer’s Night Dream, in which he plays the role of Puck. He is also on the varsity ComedySportz team.

Garcia’s passion is not just limited to being the center of attention. Whether he decides to pursue a career as a director or work on stage design, he hopes to remain a part of the entertainment industry.

“I want to be in the entertainment business,” said Garcia. “I love [every aspect].”

Multiple opportunities for Garcia will continue to unfold as he continues to grow from the inspired 6-year-old boy he once was to the committed performer he is today. With a positive mindset and confident disposition, Garcia’s hopes to turn his experiences in to a professional career are sure to prevail.