Freshman Harris Federman shares his passion for photography with the world


Whether he is taking pictures of his friends striking their best model pose or snapping pictures of a beautiful beach sunset, freshman Harris Federman always has a camera in his hand.  What started off as taking artsy pictures for Instagram has evolved into an immense passion.  Federman has been taking pictures for over a year and is always trying out new ideas to add to his repertoire.

“I began shooting landscapes and then shifted to using some of my close friends as models,” said Federman.  “I got a lot more feedback on the shoots I did with my friends because of the creativity that went with them.”

Federman finds himself inspired by numerous photographers such as Van Styles, Clark Little, Jeroen Oosterhof, Marius Grozea and Steve McCurry.  Each of these photographers influences him in many ways due to their unique style and achievements in the field.  However, the person who inspires Federman the most is his friend Alex Weiner. Weiner’s photography opened his eyes to a whole new world and was the inspiration behind Federman’s initiative to begin his career.

“After seeing how amazing Alex’s images turned out I knew I wanted to start doing photography as soon as possible,” said Federman.

Federman has his own website at 
where he posts all of his pictures.  Due to this website, Federman has received excellent feedback from people all over.  Various people have become aware of Federman’s photography and hire him to do photoshoots.
“Being only 15 and having people I’ve never met before get in contact with me asking to do a shoot really makes me feel incredible,” said Federman.

Federman hopes to continue with photography in the future by shooting for concerts or traveling the world taking pictures for National Geographic.  No matter what, Federman feels that photography will always stick with him wherever and whatever he ends up doing in life.

“My friends and family are constantly supporting my photography,” said Federman. “The feedback from them really motivates me to keep shooting and doing what I love for the rest of my life.”