From class to television sets, freshman Emmie Romanovich reaches for stardom


As millions of viewers tune in online to catch up on the hit soap opera The Bay, freshman Emmie Romanovich will be preparing to film its latest drama-filled episode.  As the spotlight shines brightly upon her and her star-studded cast mates, The Bay never fails to keep audience members on their toes and begging for more.

Ever since she was a little girl, Romanovich knew she wanted to be a part of the entertainment business.  From getting cast in small commercials and taking private acting classes, she was willing to do anything in order to make her way up the ladder of success.  In 2012, Romanovich finally got her big break, and after endless auditions she landed her first major role on The Bay.

Gregori J. Martin’s independent soap opera The Bay follows the life of socialite Sarah Garrett and the people around her.  Romanovich portrays the role of Tandi Jo Henderson, the rebellious teenage stepdaughter of Garrett’s father.  Although her liberated character has a kind nature, she constantly manages to get herself in tough situations.  However, at the end of each episode Henderson’s loving mother always finds a way to help her clear her cloudy judgement, correct her mistakes and regain her inner peace.

“My character Tandi Jo is the epitome of every average teenage girl,” said Romanovich.  “She is very independent of her parents, but she still respects them.  I think that is where we are most alike.”

This online series has taught Romanovich the true meaning of hard work and dedication.  A typical day on set means six or more hours of uninterrupted filming, which could definitely interfere with an average student’s responsibilities.  But after two years of acting on The Bay, Romanovich has mastered the art of juggling her passion and her obligations.

“I always find time to do homework and other important things when I am not filming,” said Romanovich.  “I know my priorities, and I will switch off between the two to make sure I do not get overwhelmed.”

Currently, Romanovich is in the middle of filming season 12 of the online soap opera.  Not only can fans expect to see all their favorite familiar faces but  brand new ones as well.  Each upcoming episode will synergize with the last in order to produce a shocking twist that viewers could not expect.  The writers of the show have planned to reveal an astonishing family secret that will affect Henderson in earth-shattering ways.

In the future, she plans to continue her pursuit of stardom and take on bigger and better roles, which will hopefully help her create a more distinguished name for herself.  With a positive mindset and the support of her friends and family, nothing can stand in the way of Romanovich and her dreams.

“I have learned that there is always going to be a role for someone to play,” said Romanovich.  “People should never stop chasing after their goals because no one knows how close they are to achieving their dream.”