HBO’s“Euphoria” sparks new dialogue between teens and parents about teenage sex and drugs

On June 16, the first season of the controversial HBO show, Euphoria, was released. The launch of the new series has been met with excitement and censure from fanatical viewers around the world. Euphoria depicts the lives of a group of high schoolers who face severe hardships such as the hardships of self-discovery, drug addiction, sexual assault and more. Former Disney star, Zendaya, plays the main character, Rue. Zendaya’s fame and fan base has brought an immense amount of attention to the show. Although Euphoria is based on the lives of the seventeen-year-old characters, teenagers are not the only ones who have been impacted by the show.

After viewing the critical abuse and impact of drugs in Euphoria, parents and adults have expressed different reactions to the show. Although adults have been aware for a long time that drugs are consumed illegally by many teenagers, many are oblivious to the fact that their own child may be part of the worldwide issue. Euphoria has shown adults what goes on in schools from a teenage perspective and gives them insight into the harmful effects that follow the utilization of drugs. An innumerable amount of parents have become more attentive to Euphoria’s message and are becoming extremely aware and involved in their child’s life since the show aired. The first series has successfully educated the audience, especially grown-ups, about the modern reality of the teenage world. Euphoria has already made such a beneficial change to their audience and is continuing to change a viewer’s life one step at a time with every episode released.

Euphoria shows teens and young adults situations they can relate to. The show mirrors what the audience might experience in their own lives, whether at school, parties or other public places. The chaotic show aims to let the younger audience members know that if they are experiencing hardships and conflicts in their personal lives, they are not alone and there is a myriad of helpful resources that can lead them on their road to recovery. The show is constantly trying to prove to their audience that showing graphic and sensitive scenes are important for this generation. In addition to the relatable teenage issues that the characters present, the series also offers a crisis helpline to the viewers that is shown at the beginning of each Euphoria episode. At the other end of the crisis text line is a trained crisis counselor, who can be reached by anonymous users 24-hours a day. Euphoria’s writers and executive producers truly wanted to create a series that could entertain their audience, while at the same time let the audience know that, just like the characters, they have a support system, too.

Since the tendentious show became so popular, videos, tutorials and pictures of Euphoria-inspired makeup have been taking over Twitter and Instagram feeds, as well as multiple other social media platforms. The exotic looks are based on character Maddy Perez’s makeup, played by Alexa Demie, whose looks are inspired by rhinestone-covered eyebrows and shimmery under-eyes. Demie’s character pushes makeup to its limit and expresses her character’s personality through the art of makeup. The bold looks have been greatly admired by watchers, inspiring them to recreate and share their own versions of Demie’s makeup. Even months after Euphoria’s release, the original makeup trend is still being looked upon by enthusiastic viewers and has opened their eyes to a new style of beauty.

Euphoria has seriously impacted and contributed to the awareness of common issues that are currently happening in the modern world. Euphoria has already made such a beneficial change to its audience and is continuing to change a viewers lives one step at a time. With the bar set high, Euphoria fans are anticipating what is yet to come when the next season is released in 2020.