Project X showcases conventional teen behavior

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Racy images lit by strobe lights and scenes of underage drinking, substance abuse and careless partying, Project X encourages teenagers to flock to the movie theaters to discover the hype surrounding this controversial and explicit film.  The film’s “R” rating is appropriate as the movie provides a candid account of high school students. This provides teenage viewers with an opportunity to gain a different point of view, as the film’s context resonates with its audience. Moreover, the film is a comedy and its content is meant to be interpreted with levity as most scenes depict dramatizations.

“The film displays many acts of extreme misbehavior, it can be positively interpreted as a way for young audiences to know their limits and understand the dangers of illegal substances and parties alike,” said senior and broadcasting student Nick Escobar.

The film does accurately portray most conventional high school parties, plagued by underage drinking, drug usage and sex-crazed hook-ups, nevertheless, it is also an exaggerated and satirical take on these events. A large majority of parties do not end with huge fires or with brand new cars inundated in swimming pools. In fact, movies like Project X incorporate dramatic elements into their scripts to use edgy entertainment as a vehicle for public interest, which in turn creates a large following for these provocative

The movie displays that the loss of innocence can be shown through one act of rebellion, such as a high school party,” said Escobar. “However, it shows that parties can be immensely fun, but can deliver extreme consequences.

Many parents and other conservative adult figures deplore Project X, due to the message it sends to young audiences. In contrast to the views of mainstream parenting, the movie allows its audience to come face-to-face with lurid behavior, providing them with the ability to view mayhem within chaotic high school parties from an outside perspective.  The film also illustrates the repercussions of the main character’s actions. Project X’s Thomas Mann was tried and found guilty on three charges including disturbing the peace and inciting a riot, and he served five months in prison.  The film uses Mann to depict that there is a consequence to every action. This in turn validates the film’s racy content as it also shows teenagers that there will be consequences to their actions.

Not only does Project X provide its young audience with comedic relief but it also shows teenagers the importance of responsibility as well as the outcomes of reckless behavior.

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