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Allie Broome - Photographer

Allie Broome - Photographer

Allie Broome - Photographer

Aaron Schwartz

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Sophomores Aaron Schwartz and Jenny Stein have made a big splash on the 2012 spring season. On their way to the CIF championships, both athletes have pushed themselves to succeed in their divisions.

Q: What races do you compete in and what are you fastest times?

I compete in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard freestyle. This season my record is 22.57 seconds for the 50 freestyle and 48.75 seconds for the 100 freestyle. I am trying to break the CHS record for the 100 yard freestyle which is 48.03 seconds.

Q: How do you feel when you are in the pool?

As soon as I jump into the pool, I feel that it is possible for me to achieve any goal that I can think of. I also feel as though there are no barriers or limits to what I can do.

Q: What has the CHS swim program taught you?

Even though swimming is an individual sport, CHS works together and encourages one another to be the best they can. I also think that it has taught me consistency and persistence in my swimming habits.

Q: What are your personal swimming goals?

My goal is to break the 100 freestyle school record and be able to compete in the CIF championships.  In the future I also plan on swimming in college, probably at a division three school.  After college I plan on swimming.  Even if it is just recreational I plan on being a swimmer for the rest of my life.



Q: What events do you compete in?

As a swimmer I compete in the 50 yard freestyle and 100 yard freestyle. I also compete in the relays. The relays include 4 people who each do a different stroke. As a diver, I dive 1 meter and 3 meter dives.

Q: What is your favorite part about swim?

The CHS swim program is really close and gets along incredibly well. We also work to bond as a whole and encourage the best from one another.

Q:  What is your fastest time?

This season, 27 seconds for my 50 freestyle and  58.9 seconds for my 100 freestyle.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a diver?

I love always pushing myself to get a better dive. When the judges judge me, I am always hoping I do a little better then the diver before. Right when I dive into the water, I feel that I am free and have the potential of doing anything. 

Q: Who is your inspiration?

Professional swimmer, Ryan Lochte inspires me to swim and inspires me to push myself as well as set my goals.  His determination is a large part of why he is such an inspiration to me.

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