Meet up and coming sophomore fashion designers


Justin Greenwald and Adam Nikzad

Written by Carin Numa – Staff Writer

Photo by Chelsea Argue – Photographer

Although the majority of young boys spend countless hours hooked to their television screens, sophomores Justin Greenwald and Adam Nikzad would rather spend their time designing clothes for their company “Plated.” These young entrepreneurs have created a trendy clothing line and a successful business.

“We have been best friends for 11 years, so we share great chemistry,” said Greenwald.

Inspired at a young age, Greenwald and Nikzad began designing attire for Plated when they were in eighth grade.  They would meet on the weekends and sit down for hours designing, drawing and painting ideas.  Because their company is growing, the duo is looking to open a humble store in the San Fernando Valley.

“The most inspiring thing for us was the possibility to express our love for clothing and art,” said Nikzad.  “It was a way to express ourselves and share our ideas with other people who enjoy them.”

Through clothing design, Greenwald and Nikzad express themselves in ways words cannot.  Together, the two best friends will continue creating stylish designs.


Micaela Williams

Written by Sophie Barnes – Staff Writer

Photo by Chelsea Argue – Photographer

While most children dream of their wedding day, sophomore Michaela Williams was more focused on the design element of weddings, often fantasizing about creating veils and bridal gowns.  With her sketchbook and pencil, Williams creates incredible compositions that future brides dream of wearing.

“I love different wedding dress styles and how they mean something different to every bride,” said Williams.  “It’s the most important garment you’ll ever wear so you have to get it just right.”

Inspired by fashion magazines, Williams began taking art classes and used those skills to help her create fashion layouts.  As a member of the fashion design program at CHS, Williams is learning essential design techniques that will enhance her knowledge of the fashion industry.

With her audacious style and bold personality, Williams takes risks when sketching bridal attire.  She mirrors her courageous and adventurous personality in her compositions, designing clothing inspired by edgy fashion catalogues and funky street wear.  Once she is inspired, Williams adds her own twist.

Williams dreams of opening a wedding dress boutique and plans on taking design courses in college.  She hopes to someday share her designs with the rest of the world.

Jeffrey Tang

Written by Mabelle Salloum – Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Tang

Sophomore Jeffrey Tang has always wanted to build a recognizable image through his own personal style and Vision Worldwide, a simplistic, modern clothing line created by Tang.  From high-fashion magazines to classic street wear, Tang constantly finds new ideas to add to his clothing line.

Tang finds inspiration through philosophy and other interesting concepts.  He takes a little of everything to make something of his own.

“A lot of the inspiration comes from youth culture, sartorial rebellion, rap, grunge and art,” said Tang.  “The whole brand itself is the interpretation of future culture that we bring and we make it into the present.”

Seniors Terrance Hayes, Markell Palmer and Brandon Bates are also part of Vision Worldwide.  Together, these talented men take on all the individual tasks that are pertinent to running a business.

With a booming business and zeal for fashion, Tang hopes to expand their company and collaborate with top brands in the near future.  Tang would also love to see his clothing line branch out into high-end street wear.  To learn more, check out the Instagram page @Vision_Worldwide.