Senior Sammy Kaufman continues his baseball career at New York University


Since his beginnings in the “Pinto B” division of West Hills, senior Sammy Kaufman’s profound dedication to baseball has taken him on a long but rewarding journey—3,000 miles across the country to be exact. Starting this fall, Kaufman will be playing for the New York University baseball team as a pitcher. After countless hours spent on the field and on his application, Kaufman’s NYU acceptance has validated the phrase “hard work pays off.”

Kaufman’s NYU dreams began long before he submitted his common application. After visiting the campus in September, he was immediately attracted to the idea of playing baseball in a stadium overlooking the ocean, as well as going to school in the social and financial capital of the world.

“The opportunities to succeed and prosper at NYU are endless for any student who is serious about his/her academics and future career,” said Kaufman. “Being in the middle of Manhattan, the social opportunities are limitless.”

However, Kaufman’s success did not come without struggle. Throughout his baseball career, he has experienced setbacks. After injuring his elbow last summer, he was unable to play for three months. Additionally, due to his physical condition, he believes that he has had to work harder than most of his peers to reach a certain level of competition.

“Never being the biggest or tallest kid, I have always had to work harder than most of my peers to compete and succeed as I grew older,” said Kaufman. “I have learned to push myself in order to become a better player and person.”

Kaufman’s acceptance to NYU is evidence of his strong character and unfaltering discipline. After verbally committing to play baseball, he applied early decision to the university, where he is planning on getting his undergraduate MBA. Even though a baseball career may not be in his future, the sport has given him valuable communication and leadership skills that he can bring with him into the financial world.

“Although I dreamed of playing professional baseball as a young boy, professional baseball is not in my future,” said Kaufman. “But, I would be ecstatic to one day work in the head office of a professional sports team.”

From T-ball to Times Square, Kaufman has shown dedication to everything that he sets his mind to. Wherever he ends up, his focus, drive and can-do attitude will undoubtedly lead him to “hit it out of the park.”